The Phoenix was invented by Jon Hoffman.

Jon Hoffman Bio

Jon Hoffman graduated from Cornell University in 1984 with a BA in English. He has been self-employed his entire professional career with numerous successful entrepreneurial start-up ventures to his credit.

For the past thirty plus years, his principle business has been intellectual property development on a speculative or consulting basis which has resulted in many patents and successful commercial products, including a diverse range of inventions from children’s toys to automotive accessories, from innovative packaging to sporting goods, and his latest venture—a home use acoustic wave treatment device.

Mr. Hoffman is a published author and has also enjoyed a successful career as a content creator/producer with six distributed independent films and numerous television shows to his credit. Construction and real estate development is a lifelong passion. Mr. Hoffman is a licensed general contractor and long time volunteer and Crew Leader with Habitat for Humanity.

Construction skills compliment a strong theoretical and practical grounding in automotive design and repair (honed during a brief stint as a mechanic during high school and college and a lifetime of automobile ownership and modification), and boat design, maintenance and operation (Mr. Hoffman earned a 100 ton Master’s License and has extensively cruised the East Coast of the US).

Mr. Hoffman is founder and owner of Scorched Bird and the inventor of The Phoenix, the world’s first home-use acoustic wave device. Mr. Hoffman lives in Malibu California and is a frequent guest expert on radio and television shows including Joan Rivers’ “How’d You Get So Rich?” “The Adam Carolla Radio Show” HGTV’s “Tech Toys—I Want That” The Eric and Eliza Roberts podcast on TradioV, and many others.